Postgraduate Degree Scholarship for International Students

A postgraduate degree is a course of study or degree usually obtained after a bachelor’s degree. It is a higher-level study and can be a master’s degree, doctorate (Ph.D.), or even postgraduate diploma. You must have completed an undergraduate degree to study for a postgraduate degree, usually with a second class or higher.

Postgraduate degrees can be financially consuming, especially PhDs, so getting a scholarship is paramount for financially incapacitated students. This article has gathered two significant scholarships that will be beneficial to postgraduate students, and they include the following:

Taiwan International Higher Education Scholarship Program:

Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, abbreviated as TaiwanICDF, is famous for its international education and training of students, and it’s one of its most crucial operations, among others. TaiwanICDF provides fully-funded scholarships for Ph.D. programs in cooperation with renowned partner universities in Taiwan.

Scholarship benefits:

  • Waiver of tuition fees and other compulsory fees
  • Return airfare tickets for awardees
  • Free accommodation
  • Credit fees
  • Textbook allowance
  • Monthly allowance for awardees
  • Insurance


  • Candidates must be citizens of TaiwanICDF’s eligible countries for the scholarship and satisfy any specific requirements established by their country. Countries eligible for TaiwanICDF scholarship include the following: Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia, the Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tuvalu, Vietnam, Jordan, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, Eswatini, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, Somaliland, Haiti, Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenadines, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania
  • Applicants cannot be citizens of the Republic of China (Taiwan) or overseas compatriot students.
  • Candidates must meet the requirements of the partner universities to which they have decided to apply. Partner universities include the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), the National Chengchi University (NCCU), the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), the National Taiwan Regular University (NTNU), the National Yang Min University (NYMU), the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), the National Central University (NCU), Kun Shan University (KSU), national sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), the Yuan Ze University (YZU), the National Taiwan University (NTU), the National Cheng University( NCKU) Ming Chuan University (MCU), Taipei medical university (TMU) Taipei national university of arts (TNUA) National Chung Hsing University(NCHU), National Chung Cheng University(CCU), I-shou University(ISU), national dong Hwa University(NDHU), National Kaohsiung university of hospitality and tourism (NKUHT).
  • Applicants must meet all resident visa requirements (code: FS) set by the Bureau of Public Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and an alien resident certificate set by the Ministry of Interior of the Taiwan government.
  • Must not be a recipient of any Taiwan government scholarship in the same academic year the TaiwanICDF will commence.
  • Must not be reapplying for another TaiwanICDF scholarship in unbroken succession
  • She has never had any scholarship revoked by a Taiwan government agency or related institution, nor has she been expelled from any Taiwanese university.

How to apply:

The applicant must complete an online application and then submit a signed copy and other application documents to the Republic of China (Taiwan) embassy or consulate located in your country. Additionally, each applicant can only apply for one program at a time and has to submit a separate program to their chosen university. For more information, visit the scholarship webpage.

Aga Khan International Foundation Scholarship:

The Aga Khan Foundation is a charitable, non-profit, international development organization. It was established in 1967 by Shah Karim al-Husseini, Aga Khan IV, the 49th hereditary imam of the Shia Ismail Muslims. The Aga Khan Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships to outstanding and deserving students every year in developing countries.

This scholarship is mostly for postgraduate, master’s, and PH.D. students who are financially incapacitated, and I need financial aid. This scholarship is intended to support and develop influential scholars for the betterment of society. Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant and 50% loan basis through a competitive application process in June or July.

Scholarship benefits:

  • The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses only, which excludes airfare tickets.
  • Ph.D. funding is for only two years. Awardees are to find alternative means of funding after that.
  • It provides financial assistance according to the needs of students.
  • Also, applicants are encouraged to get funding from other sources, and it gives priority to those who have another alternative.


  • Candidates must be citizens of the following countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, and Mozambique. Applicants from France, the UK, the USA, Canada, and Portugal are only accepted if they are nationals of the above countries, are interested in development-interested courses, and need financial aid.
  • Applications from citizens of the countries listed above are the only ones accepted. They are residing in one of the countries where there is a local Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), Aga Khan Education Services (AKES), or Aga Khan Educational Board (AKEB), which processes applications and interviews candidates.
  • Priority is given to students who are under 30 years of age
  • Candidates must have excellent academic records
  • Must have gained admission to a highly reputable university or program of study
  • Must have years of experience in their field of interest
  • Must have long-term goals and is likely to achieve long-term career goals
  • also the ability to adapt and learn in a foreign environment.

Application process:

The Aga Khan Foundation international scholarship runs a decentralized system. Students can obtain the form on January 1, 2022, at any AKF office or Aga Khan educational services or boards in their countries of residence. Students should return completed applications to the agency from which the form was obtained.

Applicants should be ready to be interviewed by the local scholarship committee about their financial situation, academic performance, extracurricular achievements, and career goals.

P.S.: Since 50% of the scholarship amount is considered a loan that the student must reimburse, there is an annual service charge of 5%. The payback period is five years, starting six months after studies funded by the Aga Khan Foundation. The loan agreement must be co-signed by a guarantor.

Application deadline:

The deadline for application is March 31, 2022. However, some countries may have an internal deadline to process and review the applications. Candidates should contact the local offices for internal deadline dates and requirements, as this may vary from country to country.

Also, for more information, visit the scholarship webpage.

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